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What do Moses, Jesus, Paul and possibly you have in common? Mystical experience? A struggle for the right words? A desire for unity in diversity? An openness to the future?

Can the commonality bring religious communities together?

In the sermon below, I explore these questions. I preached it on “Transfiguration Sunday” at St. Andrews-Wesley United Church in 2016.

Photo of Charles Kaplan at Sedona, by Laura Duhan Kaplan

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  1. That’s a good sermon — thank you. The Christians are a lot easier talking about “living in the light of the Spirit” than most Jews are.

    My sense is (I don’t claim originality!) that all people with God-experience have much more in common than them, against all people without God-experience. It’s relatively easy for mystics to cooperate across cultural and religious boundaries. The hard part is pulling the non-mystics along! “Religion” may not poison everything, but it makes some things much harder.

    Unfortunately, “Christians” includes people like Mike Bickle, who has a little cult praying for the Jews to convert, before we are killed by the “hunters” and (the lucky Jews) driven to Israel::

    They’re a little harder to bring into the interfaith journey . . . but you knew that already.

    I’ve been following Larycia Hawkins at Wheaton College (now gone from Wheaton College) and a thought occurred to me:

    If she had said “Jews and Christians worship the same God”, instead of:
    . . . “Muslims and Christians worship the same God”:
    . . . would the College have taken any action against her?

    Sorry to hijack . . .

    . Charles

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