A Philosopher's Prayer

Angry_mob_of_fourHoly One of Blessing, Great One of the Universe. When I look at my country and see the violence, the hate, the confusion, the thousand factions, each offering an explanation blaming the others, I don’t know anymore what is true.

plato cave prisoners

To borrow a metaphor from the philosopher Plato — about whom your servant Philo said, “He agrees with Moses in all things” — I feel as if I am a prisoner in a cave, seeing shadows of images of rumours. 



How I long to walk outside and see, in the bright light of your sun, true things: justice, and goodness! And to share them with all who would hear, read, or feel!

Holy One of Blessing, Great One of the Universe, show us what is true.



Art: Robert Couse-Baker; Bullhead Entertainment; Francis Valadj.

  1. Reb Laura,

    This is the prayer I have needed to see & say.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank-you Reb Laura. We have been talking about Plato very much in class, and I have tried to nudge students away from the chair/bed motif in Plato to Goodness and Justice and how we can recognize them in a world of coming into being and passing away where violent men would steal the Kingdom of God away. Today as we watch the results of Florida and others, I pray the prayer you offer.

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