With Perfect Faith

Double_rainbow,_Graz,_Austria,_2010-05-30A lion lies down with a lamb

A kingdom of heaven brings the rule of love

A trumpet declares God’s mercy

Souls release negative habits

Liberation breaks cycles of pain

With perfect faith we believe

It’s a slow process to that day

When God’s many names converge in One

When divided peoples reconcile as One

When broken hearts care for each One

With perfect faith

We wait

We work

We wonder


Translation: I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, even if he is delayed, even so, I believe. On that day, God will be one and God’s name one.  (Moses Maimonides, adapted; Zechariah 14:9).

Music: Lebanese folk song, Bint-al-Shalabiyya. Musical setting by Charles & Laura Duhan Kaplan.

Musicians: Sulam: Elana Brief, Martin Gotfrit, Noah Gotfrit, Charles Kaplan, Laura Duhan Kaplan, Wendy Rubin. Arrangement by Sulam.

Recording:  Live at the Peretz Centre, Vancouver BC, 2016. 

Image: Dnalor01


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