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Kabbalah: A Mystical Tradition and Ancient System of Psycho-spiritual Development (Travel-Study Seminar)

June 9 - June 17

Travel to Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Tzefat to discover the 4,000-year-old teachings of Kabbalah through experiential and theoretical learning. The basis of our study is derived from archetypal dimensions of stories. Our journey will uncover and develop the philosophical and psychological significance of Kabbalistic symbols and ideas. Together we will be unlocking the keys to transformation against the backdrop of ancient Israeli cities where Kabbalistic philosophy, poetry, and art continue to flourish.

Kabbalah and Jungian analysis are parallel traditions. On this Mind Body Passport course, we will be studying Kabbalah, practicing yoga and meditation, and will tie all three together with our social dreaming group. Join us for a unique educational and transformational experience this June in Israel.

Taught by Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan and Dr. Leslee Brown