Academic Publications

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Bookshelf of Academic Publications of Laura Duhan KaplanCLICK ON THE LINKS TO VIEW THE ITEMS


Encountering the Other, Christian and Multifaith Perspectives,  co-edited with Harry O. Maier (Pickwick Publications, forthcoming, 2018)

Philosophy and Everyday Life  (Seven Bridges Press, 2001)

Family Pictures: A Philosopher Explores the Familiar (Open Court, 1998)

Philosophical Perspectives on Power and Domination, co-edited with Laurence F. Bove (Rodopi, 1997)

From the Eye of the Storm: Regional Conflicts and the Philosophy of Peaceco-edited with Laurence F. Bove (Rodopi, 1995)

Special Journal Issues

Feminist Interpretations of the Body. Special Issue of Philosophy in the Contemporary World 11:1 (Spring 2004). Co-edited with M. Carmela Epright.

Contemporary Applications of Levinas.  Special Issue of Philosophy in the Contemporary World 7:1 (Spring 2000). Co-edited with Laurence F. Bove.

Articles and Book Chapters

Beyond Us and Them: An Inter-Religious Journey (Intotemak, 2017)

Snake Mind, Conscious Mind: Revisiting Torah’s Serpents (Kerem Journal, 2014)

Yearning to Pray: What is Eit Ratzon (a Time of Desire)? (Kerem Journal, 2012)

Unetakeh Tokef: Days of Judgment (Kerem Journal, 2010)

What is the Point of Prayer? Some Midrashic Allusions in the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Service (Maqom Journal of Rabbinic Literature, 2009)

Jessica Lynch: Multiple Images, Multiple Realities (chapter in Philosophical Perspectives on the War on Terrorism, 2007)

A Future for Holocaust Commemoration (Tikkun, 2007)

Autobiographical Writing in Philosophy Classes (Teaching Philosophy, 2006)

Logic and Listening: A Study of the Opening Lines of Sifra on Leviticus (Maqom Journal of Rabbinic Literature, 2005)

The Blood of Life: The Hatat [Purification] Offering and September 11, 2001 (Jewish Bible Quarterly, 2005)

And you shall love…A Rabbinic Theodicy (Maqom Journal of Rabbinic Literature, 2004)

Rabbinic Concepts and Contemporary Conscientious Objection (Tikkun, 2004)

A Theodicy of Peace: The Mystical Nonviolence of Rabbi Moses Cordovero (The Acorn: Journal of the Gandhi-King Society, 2004)

HIV/AIDS Policies: Compromising the Human Rights of Women (chapter in Linking Visions: Feminist Bioethics, Human Rights, and the Developing World, 2004)

Beyond Holocaust Theology: Extending a Hand Across the Abyss (chapter in Autobiographical Writing Across the Disciplines, 2004)

Disfigured Bodies and Social Identity: Ancient [Levitical] and Modern [Medical] Reintegration Rituals (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 2004)

Living Within Tradition (chapter in Reflections on Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith, 2003)

Tradition and Innovation: Metaphor in Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion (Philosophic Exchange, 2003)

Norms and Narratives of Ethical Speech: Tots, Timber, and Talmud (Maqom Journal of Rabbinic Literature, 2002)

Talmud, Totality, and Jewish Pluralism: A Comment Inspired by Reading Emmanuel Levinas (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 2002)

Phenomenologies of Time and the Apology for Slavery (chapter in Philosophy and Everyday Life, 2001)

Body, Mind, and Breath: A Mystical Perspective (chapter in Philosophy and Everyday Life, 2001)

Engaging with Student Relativism: Using Heidegger and Percy to Address Student Developmental Issues (Teaching Philosophy, 2000)

Mothering as a Motivation for Pacifism: Theorizing from Inside and Out (chapter in Peacemaking, 2000).

Contemplation and Action: Responses to Global Economic Injustice (Concerned Philosophers for Peace News, 1999)

Eros and the Future: Levinas’ Philosophy of Family (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, “Philosophy through Personal Narrative” special issue, 1999)

Is Philosophy Gender Neutral? (The Philosophers’ Magazine, 1999).

Devaluing Others to Enhance our Self-Esteem: A Moral Phenomenology of Racism (chapter in Institutional Violence, 1999).

In Support of a Modest Realism: Applications to Narratives of Self and Philosophical Methodology (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 1998)

Encountering the Face of God: A Levinasian Exploration of Theistic Existentialism (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 1998).

Physical Education for Domination and Emancipation: A Foucauldian Analysis of Aerobics and Hatha Yoga (chapter in Philosophical Perspectives on Power and Domination, 1997).

Democracy, Meritocracy, and the Cognitive Elite: The Real Thesis of The Bell Curve (Educational Theory, 1997)

Speaking for Myself in Philosophy (Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 1994)

Woman as Caretaker: An Archetype That Supports Patriarchal Militarism (Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, 1994).

Teaching as Applied Philosophy (Teaching Philosophy, 1994)

My Mother the Mirror (The Trumpeter, 1994)

A Liberal Feminist Critique of Political Realism (chapter in On the Eve of the 21st Century: Perspectives of Russian and American Philosophers, 1993)

Teaching Intellectual Autonomy: The Failure of the Critical Thinking Movement (Educational Theory, 1991)

Feminism and Peace Theory: Women as Nurturers vs. Women as Public Citizens (chapter in In the Interest of Peace, 1990)

The Philosopher as Hero (Teaching Philosophy, 1990)

Three Levels of Reading Philosophy (Teaching Philosophy, 1990)

Ambiguity of Time, Self, and Philosophical Explanation in Merleau-Ponty, Husserl, and Hume (Auslegung Graduate Journal of Philosophy, 1989)

Conference Papers and Talks (unpublished)

Wars of the Lord: A Pacifist Reading of Zechariah’s Apocalyptic Visions (Inter-Religious Studies Conference, Vancouver School of Theology, 2017).

Vibration of the Other, The Kabbalistic Ecumenism of Reb Nachman of Breslov (Inter-Religious Studies Conference, Vancouver School of Theology, 2017).

Mystics and the Mind (Vancouver School of Theology Somerville Lecture, 2014)

Spiritual and Material Perception: Heschel’s Hasidic Critique of Phenomenology and Critical Theory (Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 2004)

Globalization, Myth, and History: Lessons from the Jewish Emancipation (Concerned Philosophers for Peace, 2004)

Apocalyptic Thinking: A Challenge to Peace (Concerned Philosophers for Peace, 2003)

The Jewish American Princess: Causes and Responses for a Harmful Stereotype (Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC, 2000)

Book Reviews

Review of The Use of Zechariah in Revelation by Marko Jauhiainen (unpublished, 2016)

Review of Philosophy & This Actual World by Martin Benjamin (Essays in Philosophy, 2004)

Review of The Gate to Perfection: The Idea of Peace in Jewish Thought by Walter Homolka and Albert H. Friedlander (Concerned Philosophers for Peace Newsletter, 2002)

Review of Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies, 1999)

A Trio of Books Applying the Ethic of Care: Personal, Institutional, and Global Dimensions (Peace and Change, 2000)

Review of Learning Peace: The Promise of Ecological and Cooperative Education by Reardon, Nordland, and Zuber (Concerned Philosophers for Peace News, 1998)

Review of The Gulf War Did Not Take Place by Jean Baudrillard (Concerned Philosophers for Peace Newsletter, 1997)

Review of The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry (Concerned Philosophers for Peace Newsletter, 1996)

Review of Beyond Occupation: American Jewish, Christian and Palestinian Voices for Peace by Radford Ruether & Ellis (Women’s Studies International Forum, 1995).

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