Lament: I Sang of Love

Lament: I Sang of Love

I sang of love/ of love I sang / I hoped that it would flow/ I sang of you / of you I sang/ but still you didn’t show/ But we’re together in my dreams/ I wonder if you know

I sang of hope/of hope I sang/but it was just too late/ I sang of life/ of life I sang/ but that was not our fate/ I wish I could turn back the clock/ and fix all my mistakes

Oh baby doll I helped you grow/ You taught me how to play/ And I wake up just missing you/ Day after empty day/ But in Heaven, in Eden/ Life is as it should be/ And there we’ll sit together/ under your favourite tree

Now when I sing/ I sing of you/ Your comfort comes to me/ Your music heals my broken heart/ And that’s how we can be

Words & music by Laura Duhan-Kaplan

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