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Welcome to Sophia Street

Welcome I’m Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan and I’m so glad you could join me here on Sophia Street.

Sophia is an ancient Greek word for wisdom. It’s also a great translation of an ancient Hebrew word for wisdom, Chochma.

Sophia means Wisdom, and I live on Sophia Street. 

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Here on my street


Sophia Street is a real street, and it's also a blog. Either way, it's a path towards wisdom.

Sophia the Street is a winding mix of small houses, apartment buildings, churches, and little parks. It's located in Vancouver, Canada, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Waututh peoples. My family and I have lived here, gratefully, for the last 14 years. Here, many wisdoms have revealed themselves—to me, my husband Charles, and our two children, Hillary and Eli.

Sophia Street the blog is a mosaic of reflections from Jewish and other wisdom traditions. It's also a place of wonder, where I've shared unusual experiences and ideas for 10 years. Here, I bring my professional, personal, and creative work together. 

Wisdom traditions have fascinated me since I was a teen. Since then I’ve studied Torah and Kabbalah; philosophy and psychology; yoga, spiritual direction, and interfaith relations. All these studies are helpful in my work as Director of Inter-Religious Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology.

I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Education (Claremont Graduate University, 1991), Rabbinic Ordination (ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal, 2005), and a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction (Vancouver School of Theology, 2010). For a full list of my academic credentials, teaching awards, and publications, click here.

Wisdom is always in transition. The old sits side by side with the new. It never runs in the straight line you expect, and you acquire it in fits and starts. You might as well pause in the parks (and blogs!) along the way.

So, here on the Sophia Street blog, you’ll find reports on the wonder of everyday life. Stories about family, friends, and the complexity of love. Creative Torah interpretations and prayers. Kabbalistic insights into God, creation, and hope. Prophetic and philosophical notes on ecology, animals, and justice. Occasional inspiring reports on interfaith work.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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Workshops and Adult Education

laura teaching about religious pluralism

I am available for workshops, retreats, virtual events, public speaking and seminars—as compatible with my full-time work at the Vancouver School of Theology. At present, all workshops are only available in a virtual conference style. Accommodations for your specific needs are available. For more information, please contact me

New Published Work

"What is spiritual? What is religious? What counts as practice? These questions are foundational to individual and communal quests for connection. In this beautifully instructive and personal book, Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan illustrates where these questions lead. She inspires us to find our own way along the transformative path of awakening and belonging."
- Rev. Janet Gear

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