Infinity Inside

"Inside each of us there is a portal to the infinite"

Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan reveals a multitude of pathways to infinity through her own experiences and stories in her new book on spiritual practice. Take a step further into your practice with her insightful and engaging story-telling and direction.

Connect with the abundant spiritual energy around you.

Develop your own unique spiritual practices.

Strengthen and fortify your spiritual connection.


Beginning with Breath
“With every breath you feel more, you see more, you know more.”

The Path of the Labyrinth
“Creation is a labyrinth, and I mirror creation.”

“Then we reached out. To partner after partner we passed the Divine whisper. Remember. I love you.”

Bead Prayer
“As my mind slows down, ordinary noises begin to sound like music and less like information.”

Connect with the abundant spiritual energy around you and within you.

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"In some contemplative practices... you don't need a special vocabulary. Only access, attention, and awareness."  -Rabbi Laura

Bringing wisdom and practice from her Jewish tradition and multi-disciplinary approach to spirituality, Rabbi Laura gives us a guidebook to the simple and indivisible infinity inside us. Read it easily at any pace. Refer back to it to develop your practice, begin discussion, and feel into the depth and meaning.

“Chapter 5 encourages seekers that they have the tools to start their spiritual practices right now”
- Margaret

“Your discussions of the spirituality of nature were so moving for me. That’s where I feel
the infinity!”
- Sarah



Begin powerful and reflective discussions in your spiritual groups, synagogues, churches, and book clubs.

“We read the book over several weeks in our women’s spirituality group. We used and discussed the various prayer practices.... From the readings, I generally drew out three questions. I put them on a flip chart and off we’d go into a rich discussion.”
- Rev. Lorraine Ashdown

We enjoyed the all the meditations, especially the bead
meditation.” - Jerry

Commit the practices to memory and use them daily to strengthen and fortify your spiritual connection.

“I say the prayer on page 53 every time I step into see a new patient. It helps me re-new my own energy.”
- Chaplain Leon Olenick

Book Cover (Infinity Inside) by Rodolphe

Take a step further into The Infinity Inside you

"What is spiritual? What is religious? What counts as practice?
These questions are foundational to individual and communal quests for connection. In this beautifully instructive and personal book, Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan illustrates where these questions lead. She inspires us to find our own way along the transformative path of awakening and belonging."     
 - Rev. Janet Gear

About the Author

Rabbi Laura is a lifelong spiritual seeker who has learned the ways of Kabbalah, western philosophy, Ayurvedic Yoga, Christian spiritual direction, and depth psychology. Today she integrates these paths into her work as Director of Inter-Religious Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies at the Vancouver School of Theology. Learn more about Laura here.

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