Program: Sulam on Sophia Street

Program: Sulam on Sophia Street

Tenth Anniversary Concert

Thank you for joining us! You may know Sulam as a party band. Usually we play upbeat music together. But in this time of pandemic lockdown, we can’t play together. And we don’t feel as upbeat as we usually do!

So, today, we are sharing music on more contemplative themes. Soul. Love. Grief. Wisdom. Time. Inspiration. Hope. Activism. These just happen to be key themes of Laura’s Sophia Street blog. Today we’re celebrating its 10th anniversary! Each musical piece is inspired by a particular blog post.

We’ll each play from our own homes. And we’ll be sharing many original compositions and arrangements. But listen carefully! There’s a special collaborative tune or two!

If you like the concert, please make a donation to FIRST UNITED, which provides services to homeless and at-risk people in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, a community quite hard-hit by the pandemic. Thank you!

If you still haven’t sent your RSVP, here’s the link!

Concert Program

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