Locust: Best Post Ever

Locust: Best Post Ever
individual locust, green, yellow.

So I checked my blog stats! And thus I found my most-read post ever. It’s “Grasshoppers and Locusts: Biblical Power Animals.” Looks like almost 20,000 people read it (so far).

On the one hand, it’s just a great post. It’s religious, spiritual, and ecological. And it hints at current events: immigrants, inclusive communities, global locust plagues.

But, on the other hand, most people logged on to read about locusts.

A few readers, people I’ve never met, sent me personal comments. They dreamed about a lone locust and wonder what it means. A grasshopper appeared just as they were wrestling with a big life question.

It seems I’m not the only person charmed by a lone grasshopper’s bright colors and big eyes. Grasshoppers can jump so quickly but sometimes one chooses to stay and stare. What, then, is it thinking? Or telling me?

How can this intelligent individual get lost in a mob? Become a soldier in a brutal army of consumption? And why does the Bible see these awful swarming locusts as divine forces?

These are deep questions. Because they’re not just about locusts. They’re also questions about human beings. About the social and political trends that sweep us up. We, too, get lost in mobs. Invade for profit, if we can. And sometimes we even say God wants us to do this.

Of course I take up these questions in my book Mouth of the Donkey: Re-imagining Biblical Animals (tentative title). In fact, many of the themes from this blog show up. But in new, improved, and interesting ways!

Look for it: published by Cascade Books, coming soon in 2021!


Part of a special one post each day series celebrating the blog’s 10th anniversary.

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