Souls in Soles

Souls in Soles

My friend Rev. Beth Hayward just started a new spiritual podcast!

And I’m in episode 4 talking about spiritual practice, healing, Shabbat, learning from group meltdowns, and talking to God in hard times.

Here’s a little more about the podcast:

Souls in Soles is a forum for:
– Down-to-earth talk on high-up holy things
– Conversations with diverse guests on their spiritual a-ha moments
– Getting real about the pitfalls of trying to go deep
– Talking heartbreak and hope, fear and love and big Godly things that bring us to our knees

You can listen to Episode 4 right here!

Take a listen! If you like it, listen regularly to Beth’s podcast here at the Canadian Memorial United Church and Center for Peace. Or keep listening on Spotify or iTunes!

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