Creator? You there? Omer 30

Creator? You there? Omer 30
A single pink cherry blossom, intricately formed, illustrating an argument about the Creator's intelligence.

Gevurah. Judgment, boundary, form. Hod. Splendor. Gevurah she’b’hod. Forms of splendor.

The tradition of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, describes God as infinite energy. So infinite that It fills all space and time. Thus, It leaves no room for anything else.

Except it also holds everything else. So, It’s formless, forming, and formed all at the same time.

And, thus, our world is always perched at the moment of creation. The formless energy is forming stuff that is being formed. All the time. And all the space.

At the right time of day, you can even see it happening. At dawn, for example. So says Psalm 104. “God, you dress yourself in splendor. Light is your gown, you draw open the heavens like a curtain.”

Maybe that’s why Maimonides says (and I paraphrase), ”Just look out the window! You’ll see proof of the Creator’s existence.” Because the world is a form that God’s splendor takes. Or splendor is a form that God takes. Or both.

(Dear me, I am not certain quite, if even now I’ve got it right, as the poet Laura Elizabeth Richards says.)

It’s like a mystical version of the “argument from design.” Or, as some call it, the cosmological argument. Or the watchmaker argument.

Just look out the window, says the argument. See how intricate nature is! How neatly ecosystems move in harmony. Obviously, there’s a great intelligence at work.

And as long as you see cherry blossoms through the window, the argument works.

But if you see, for example, people harassing, stealing, assaulting each other, the argument fails. Because, obviously, there’s a great lack of intelligence at work.

Is this proof of the Creator’s existence, too? What form of splendor is it, then?

Today is Day 30 of the Omer, i.e., four weeks and two days.

New to the Omer count? Here’s a primer.

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