Yesod the Stream: Omer 41

Yesod the Stream: Omer 41
Black and white image of streams of water running over rocks, illustrating a post on the Kabbalistic quality of Yesod, foundation.

Yesod. Foundation. Yesod she’b’Yesod. Ultimate Foundation.

What kind of foundation?

Not the solid one we see under a house. But a dynamic one, always on the move.

Maybe you have a little glass carafe where you mix your salad dressing. You put in oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar. Then you shake it up. And, when you’re done, you have something new that will bring your salad to life.

Yesod, some say, is like the little carafe. It holds the energies of the five upper sefirot. Blends them into something new. Then, passes them on to Shechinah. She will bring them into the world. And her spiritual presence will bring people a deeper life.

Or maybe you read Dr. Seuss’s book McElligot’s Pool. It’s in the news now because the Seuss Foundation won’t publish its racist artwork or allusions anymore. But maybe its premise can stand alone.

A child stands over a little pond, fishing. He imagines it leads to an underground stream. And the stream flows through the whole world. So, the child knows he is not just randomly fishing his way through life. Instead, he’s connected with something truly great.

Yesod, some say, is like the underground stream. The spiritual energy that runs through everything. Connecting us, too, with everything and everyone.

It’s hard enough to believe this stream exists. But it’s even harder to perceive it. Think of it this way. In theory, the upper sefirot are more subtle. But, really, they are easier to see. Love, clarity, beauty, eternity, splendour are in our actions, our thoughts, and our relationships. And also in nature.

But the foundation? The hidden stream? The spiritual energy of the world?

Today is Day 41 of the Omer, i.e., five weeks and six days.

New to counting the Omer? Here’s a primer.

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