Spiritual Birth: Omer 49

Spiritual Birth: Omer 49
Colorful artistic version of the Vitruvian Man figure ovelaid with a diagram of the sefirot, illustrating a post about spiritual birth

Birth Day. That’s one way of thinking about the last day of the Omer. The day we touch on Shechinah she’b’Shechinah. And complete our journey through the tree of sefirot.

Sometimes I picture the tree of sefirot as a throne. Divine being, which I can’t really picture, sits on it. Some Kabbalists call this throne the merkavah, the chariot, the vehicle for Divine being. Supposedly the biblical prophet Ezekiel saw it, too. The chariot that Ezekiel saw had wheels and a sapphire floor. Maybe that’s why our chariot has spinning energy vortexes called sefirot.

(Apparently ancient rabbis had way of “riding the chariot.” So did modern Hasidic teachers. In my book The Infinity Inside, I describe one modern technique.)

But sometimes I picture the tree of sefirot as a human body. Chesed (love) and gevurah (judgment) are its arms. Tiferet (balance) is its heart. Netzach (endurance) and Hod (humility) are its hips. Yesod (foundation) is its penis. And Shechinah is its cervix.

Some Kabbalists insist that the sefirot aren’t part of a physical body. Instead, the sefirot are the body of Adam Kadmon, the original human. This spiritual body is an image of God. So it takes up no space. But it also stretches across the world.

So that’s Shechinah: A place that takes up no space, but opens onto the world. It’s pure presence, really. A non-anxious presence, a quiet witness, a perfect listener. All spiritual qualities flow into it. And all spiritual re-birth flows out of it.

And so, I would like to ask myself, what am I giving birth to? After these 49 days of questions and reflections?

In truth, I don’t know. I still love my children, grieve my friends, hide behind my persona, and wish God was more of an activist. All I did was bring these truths into the presence of Shechinah. So, I’ll wait to see what comes next.

Today is Day 49 of the Omer, i.e., seven weeks.

New to counting the Omer? Here’s a primer.

Want to read more about journeying with your inner witness? If so, I recommend the book Primary Speech.

  1. Thank you Laura,
    My best counting of the Omer ever. Finally I feel as if the mystery of what it is has become just a lovely “Mystery”.

    1. Thank you, Shira, for taking this journey with me! Blessings as you leap into the mystery!

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