Mouth of the Donkey Book Trailer

Mouth of the Donkey Book Trailer

Are you surprised that Balaam’s donkey sees an angel?

Don’t be! Says Rashi, the great medieval commentator. Because spiritual beings do exist.

But God did not give people the ability to see them. Why not? Because such sights would be too confusing to rational human minds.

Instead, God gave this kind of vision to animals.

Rashi is right that different species, who have different bodies, perceive the world differently.

And that is why we, like Balaam, occasionally need a donkey guide. To show us how to see more.

And that is also why I wrote the book Mouth of the Donkey: Re-imagining Biblical Animals (Cascade, 2021). To see more—literally, spiritually, and ethically,.

Balaam’s donkey, along with other biblical donkeys, stars in chapter 3.

Watch the book trailer below!

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