Activist Teaching

Activist Teaching
Person standing in forest beneath a beam of light to illustrate inspiration to become an activist

Finally, I get to be an activist teacher. And, finally, it feels just right.

Maybe it’s because I teach at a Christian seminary. And, because I’m a bit of a misfit there, I’ve got no one to please. So, I can go in any direction I choose.

But there’s another reason, too. Christianity is so polarized these days. You’re either right-wing or left-wing. It’s hard to find a middle ground.

I’m at the Vancouver School of Theology. We are an ecumenical, LGBTQ+ affirming seminary, with programs in Indigenous Studies and Inter-Religious Studies.

Many of our students come because they, too, are activists. They have seen the best and worst of religious community. And they want to make their communities better. So, they come here to learn how.

In the episode below, I talk about students who attend seminary to heal their own religious trauma. What is trauma? What history do students carry? How can professors respond? And what kind of activism is this?

If you like the podcast, please share it. And please check out the other 7 episodes! This brand-new podcast shares talks from the annual inter-religious studies conference at the Vancouver School of Theology.

There’s also a 90 second musical treat at the end of this episode, composed by Martin Gotfrit.

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