Q: Omer 2, Boundaries/Love

Q: Omer 2, Boundaries/Love

Day 2: Gevurah she’b’Chesed, Boundaries Within Love

Cat sitting in a small space between two walls sticking out its tongue illustrating a post about boundaries

What do you think?

How can setting boundaries make it easier to be loving?

What do you feel?

Think of a time when you felt caught between your desire to be yourself and your desire to be in relationship. If this is happening today, pay attention as it unfolds. How did/do you feel? How did/do you respond to your feeling?

What do you do?

What communication techniques do you use to lovingly set boundaries?

What is your experience of the divine?

Do you experience (or imagine) God as someone who sets boundaries?

About the questions

These questions go deeper into the daily reflections in the book Shechinah, Bring Me Home: Kabbalah and the Omer in Real Life.

There are many ways to explore these questions. You can: Tell a story from your own life. Give an example from a book or a movie. Write a poem. Analyze a concept. Offer a definition. Draw a picture. Sing a song.

New to the Omer?

Here’s a guide to the theory and practice.

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