Hanukah Highlights

Hanukah Highlights
Hanukah menorah in a window

Happy Hanukah! Chanukah! Hanukkah!

What would you like to reflect on this Hanukah? Kabbalah? Menorah? Antisemitism? Violence? Feminism? Sustainability? Elephants? How about Star Wars?

Chanukah has it all!

Here are a few thought-provoking holiday posts I’ve prepared through the years.

Hanukah’s Hidden (Mystical) Light

Hanukkiah: Resistance Never Ends

Maoz Tzur: Prayer to End Antisemitism

Hanukkah’s Casual Violence

Judith: Hanukah Heroine

Sustainability: New Meaning of Hanukah

Miracle of the Elephants

Keep the Han in Hanukkah

Enjoy! And some new posts about animals, interfaith, and peace are on the way…

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