Peace Prayer Israel/Palestine

Peace Prayer Israel/Palestine
Peace painting with a dove flying over hills at sunset framed by the words shalom and salaam

A prayer for peace.

Holy One of Blessing, we turn towards you to pray for the people of Palestine and the people of Israel. We hold the land in our hearts, even as it speaks so differently to each of us.

May healing come to all those who suffer harm, and to those who carry the scars of intergenerational trauma.

May a change of heart come to those who profit off industries of war and violence. 

May comfort come to those who grieve.

May displaced Israelis and Palestinians find their way home safely.

May our calls for a cease fire and the return of hostages be received as expressions of deep yearning and good will, and not as partisan slogans. 

May we find hope in the number of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel who gather to call for peace and for justice.  And in the many people in the land, citizens and non-citizens, who offer mutual aid to one another, despite the risks.

May we find hope in the Biblical story of Ishmael and Isaac. These brothers remained close friends throughout their lives. If they are the ancestors of Muslims and Jews, let us remember that they planted love within us.

Holy One of Blessing, grant salaam, shalom, a lasting peace, with grace and love and compassion, to us and to all the children of Jacob, to us and to all the children of Ishmael, to us and to all who dwell on earth.


Spoken at the Vancouver School of Theology Commons Hour Program, February 22, 2024; a family memorial service at Or Shalom Synagogue February 28, 2024; Women Wage Peace Canada meeting, April 7, 2024; Multifaith Hospitality Symposium, sponsored by St. Stephens University and St. Dunstan’s Centre for Spiritual Renewal, April 27, 2024. Image: “Shalom” by Jackie Olenick; I’ve added the word Salaam to her painting.

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