About Reb Laura

Sophia” means Wisdom.

Literally, I live on Sophia Street, in Vancouver.

Philosophically, I try to live my inner life on Sophia Street, too.

For fifteen years I worked as a philosophy professor.

And for the last eight I have worked as a synagogue rabbi.

In each role, I have tried to lead others in the exploration of their own wisdom.

On these pages, I share some of what I have learned about the human spirit, the natural world, and the allure of vibrant classical texts. Occasionally I write about politics, but mostly I write about consciousness, love, theology, animals, and spiritual growth.

A summary of my current professional commitments:

Rabbi, philosopher, spiritual director.

Rabbi at Or Shalom Synagogue, Vancouver.

Faculty member at ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Ordination Programs.

Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of British Columbia.

Professor Emerita of Philosophy at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Mother, animal lover, organizational leader, injured dancer, former yoga teacher.

A few links to more information:

Synagogue Bio

Academic Vita

Selected Writings Online

  1. Laura – Last week I was explaining to a young faculty member what it was like to be a writer and I used you as an example. Were your ears ringing? Seriously, I was pleased to then come across your Blog when someone suggested that I google our books. A mitzva in disguise. Seems you are flourishing!

    On a professional note, would you be willing to give me some advice in researching Rabbinic commentary on Genesis 22? I am writing on Levinas’ contribution to an Archeology of Peace and want to immerse my self in the prior commentaries.
    In Friendship


    1. Larry, what a lovely surprise to hear from you! Let’s continue over email; I’ll write first.

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