I'm Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan, a writer, speaker, and spiritual director—and an award-winning professor of philosophy and religion.

I have 30 years of teaching experience, helping students use philosophy, spirituality, and religion to to explore their lives.

Now more than ever, I believe, spiritual tools can help us build our connections, find our strengths, and navigate social change.

Dialogue, listening, reading, writing, singing, ritual, dreams, contemplation, movement—these are a few of my favourite tools.

With them, I bring to life teachings of Kabbalah, Torah, psychology, philosophy, and inter-spirituality.

Drawing also on my experience as a congregational rabbi, spiritual director, and interfaith activist, I have helped guide student clergy, both Christian and Jewish.

If you are starting a new leg on your spiritual journey—or are well established but asking some new questions about how to live into our times—get in touch!

I'd love to explore speaking, teaching, or offering spiritual direction for you or your community.