Toldot: Summary & Reflections

lentil soupSummary (Genesis 25:19-28:9)

Rebecca has a difficult pregnancy. Esau and Jacob are born. Esau becomes a hunter while Jacob stays close to home. Isaac makes peace with the local Philistines. God reassures Isaac in a dream. Rebecca sets Jacob up to trick his father Isaac and receive the blessing meant for Esau. Jacob heads to his uncle’s house. Esau marries Ishmael’s daughter.


A Dream of Dad (2020/5781)

Rebecca’s Inner Struggles (2016/5777)

Culinary Spirituality (2013/5774)

Jacob’s Name: Bad or Good? (2012/5773)

Birthright Soup (Recipe) (2010/5771)

Nature, Nurture, or Choice? (2008/5769)

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