Balance: Omer 38

Balance: Omer 38
A woman and a cat do yoga amid hampers full of dirty laundry, illustrating a post about balance.

Tiferet: Balance. Yesod: Foundation. Tiferet she’b’yesod: Balance as a foundation.

Where is the point of balance? Where do our bodies find their foundation?

In ballet class, we learned: balance is up. You stand on strong feet. Then you lift up through your legs, torso, chest. Your eyes look up, too. And when you rise on your toes, you lengthen your whole body upwards. It’s foolproof. You will never fall.

Later, I took a singing class. The teacher wanted us to breathe into our hips. To feel our voice moving through our whole bodies. Not just our chests. So, he said: just as in dance (?), balance is down. Ground yourself, and you will never lose your voice.

Finally, I learned to teach hatha yoga. Every standing movement, I taught, flows from the mountain pose. “A mountain is rooted in the ground,” I would say. “And it reaches up to the sky. So, feel your body from the hips down lengthen into the ground. And from the hips up, lengthen towards the sky.” Balance is a balance of up and down.

Well, I don’t really know. I think I’ll just keep moving.

Today is Day 38 of the Omer, i.e., five weeks and three days.

New to the Omer count? Here’s a primer.

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